Coping with Cancer

For years I shied away from treating cancer patients, until I became one.


The Shock of  a Cancer Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a shock for any patient or family member. In many cases it is no longer as bleak of a prospect as it once was. Each year treatment improve and new medications are developed to help manage the side effects of treatment. We are often anxious to begin treatment immediately. Sometime we are asked to struggle with a whole new world of treatment options – with little upon which to base our diagnosis, or even our questions.

Coping with Cancer Treatment

We may actively avoid learning much about what treatment will be like, or we may terrify ourselves with misinformation. Opinions from well-meaning friends and relatives may pour in. In the end it is our body that will be subjected to the chosen treatment and our mind that will wrestle with the fear and anxiety it may bring.  Simple tip may be quite helpful in alleviated some of the physical distress. Often it will be a process of trial-and-error to find the blend of things that bring physical and emotional comfort.


The Effect of Cancer Treatment on Loved Ones

Cancer treatment was for me the challenge of a lifetime. It’s effects on my family were worse. I only had to survive the treatment. I had seen my parents and many patients through the process. I had plenty to do. I had faith in my treatment team and the comfort that many were praying for my recovery. My family was left with the burden of apprehension and worry even more than I was. There was little that they could do except to help make me comfortable and provide transportation. There were few resources to ease their pain.

The Psychological Aftermath of Cancer

As you have guessed I survived treatment. I am writing this almost seven years after treatment. What I was not prepared for was the depression and isolation that followed treatment. Like many, I was unprepared. All my attention was focused on tolerating treatment and survival. The stress took it toll. Depression was easily treated, the emotional isolation is an ongoing struggle to overcome.

The Role f Psychological Treatment for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Cancer counseling can be helpful at all phases of diagnosis and treatment. From practical techniques like relaxation and meditative techniques to talking about life choices and revaluation future prospects.


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