Depression is a Thief that Constantly Robs One of the Joy of Living



Depression is a thief that constantly robs you of the joy of living. Major depression is a biochemical problem that may require a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Cognitive therapy has an excellent track record in treating depression. I will be publishing much more about depression as I build this site. There are two online tests for depression you may wish to visit. One is by Dr. Ivan Goldberg who specializes in treatment-resistant depression. Click here to take hisMood Scales. Another screening test is on NYU Medical Center’s web site. Clickhere to take the NYU Depression Test. These are not designed to give a definitive diagnosis, but will help you explore the components of depression and may be very helpful to your physician or mental health professional. For more information about depression including some very helpful information about what you can do to reduce depression on your own you may want to visit Dr. Goldberg’s site: Depression Central. I will soon be making available a Pocket Guide to Depression which you may have for free.



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