Fees and Insurance

Dr. Wilson’s fees Are Generally Acceptable to Insurance Carriers

Insurance Plans In Which Dr. Wilson Participates

  • Medicare
  • No-fault
  • Oxford
  • Pomco
  • United Healthcare
  • Workers’ Compensation

Cost of Treatment

The cost of the initial evaluation is $200 and for subsequent visits the fee is $150.  I generally do not offer a sliding scale, but if I participate in your insurance plan they may have established a different fee. Payments and copayments (if I am in your network) are required at the time of the visit. Credit or debit cards and Health Savings Plan cards are accepted as are checks or cash payments. My fees will remain the same throughout 2015.

  • Initial Evaluation (45 minute) $200
  • Standard Session (45 minute) $150
  • Extended Session (over 45 minutes) $200/hour
  • Brief Visit (less than 30 minute) $100
  • Preparation of Letters or Reports $200/hour, $100 mininum
  • Depositions and Other Legal Preparation $200/hour
  • Court Appearance $2,300/day
    • $2,500 Retainer

I work hard to keep my overhead to a minimum and my fees as affordable as possible.

Insurance Claims

Whether I participate in you insurance plan or not, I am happy to submit the necessary claim forms for you. I use advanced billing software and typically send claims out within a week of the visit.

If I Am Not In Your Insurance Network

If I am not in your insurance plan you can call the carrier and inquire about your Out-of Network benefits. Usually there will be a deductible amount to be met before the carrier pays claims. If I am not in your network I will direct that any payments be sent to you.

Note that in some cases a separate company is used for any Mental Health claims and I may be a part of that secondary network. In almost all cases my fees are within the usual and customary rates dictated by the major insurance carriers. That means you should receive your full benefit from the carrier.

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