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How to Find the Best Psychotherapy Billing Software for Your Practice. This is an account of my personal odyssey through the maze of choices available for mental health practice billing. It includes Seven Deadly Mistakes in Software SelectionIf you are not satisfied with your present billing software or service this should help you chose the one that will make your life easier.

This new site will be offering Free Information About the Business Side of Private Practice. The next guide will be about creating your own web site, including which web host has the best online website design software, free to use and free to try before you buy. It will guide you step-by-step through the process of registering a domain name, selecting a hosting service, and publishing your first page. A second planned guide will help you select content and expand your site.

If you are using relaxation techniques or mindfulness training with your patients you may be interested in my audio program – An Introduction to Mindful Awareness. It was developed from thirty years of experience teaching hundreds of patients and seminar participants how to relax quickly and reliably and to achieve a state of mindful awareness. It is expected to be during the second half of 2010. Audio samples from the first two tracks are on this site under the headingRelaxation Training.

How to Design an Informative Web Site that Works

My second Practice Guide is currently under revision in order to incorporate new information about how best to use the WordPress tool to design an effective web site for your practice. It should be posted by July, 2015.

Evaluating Mental Health Billing Software

Creating an Effective Online Presence

Creating Professional Audio Recordings


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